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Don’t spend another day missing out on life! Let us help you with your hearing loss.

At Vista Hearing Technology, we work with you and your family members to identify both the cause and the extent of your hearing loss. Then we provide treatment necessary so you can once again enjoy conversations and activities without straining.

We bring more than 50 years of history and knowledge to the hearing field, including a detailed understanding of the very latest in hearing technology. Vista Hearing Technology was created in 2015 following the merger of RJ Gandee & Company, Inc. and Vista Hearing Instruments & Audiology. Today we are located in Wooster, Ohio, with offices in Orrville and Millersburg.

Our professionals work directly with you to understand your hearing difficulty. We provide full evaluations, custom fitting of hearing aids and continual service to be sure your hearing aid is giving you the very best service. Our goal is to improve your quality of life.

Don’t wait another day! Come to Vista and hear what you’ve been missing!

Hearing Health Quick Test

Are you suffering from hearing loss?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Hearing loss can occur so gradually that many people don’t realize they are having any difficulty. There are some signs that you could be suffering from hearing loss. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you often need people to repeat themselves?
  • Do you frequently turn the volume up on your television or radio?
  • Do you strain to hear in certain environments?
  • Do you tend to raise your voice when you speak?
  • Have you noticed ringing or buzzing in your ears?
  • Have you been accused of not paying attention?

If you can answer yes to these questions, contact Vista today. We can help you with your hearing difficulty.

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  • Monday 9am – 5pm
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  • Friday 9am – 5pm
  • Our main office:

    290 E Milltown Rd Suite B, Wooster, OH 44691
    (330) 264-8344

By appointment only for the following two locations: