Hearing Care

Hearing Loss Treatment

Your test results and the activities in which you desire to participate are the key factors in our effort to create a solution that works for you. Our professionals will discuss with you the results of your evaluation and present possible treatment options. We are confident we can provide a solution that will have you hearing better than you have in years.

Hearing Aids

If a hearing aid is the appropriate solution for your condition, we can, in most cases, fit you with a demo model the same day. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to allow you to try a style or brand of hearing aid before taking the next step of being fitted for your own.

Hearing aids have evolved and improved over the years, and today’s digital technology has made it easier than ever to provide excellent solutions to those suffering from hearing loss. We work with top quality companies providing the very latest in hearing technology. With styles ranging from the traditional behind-the-ear to invisible-in-the-canal, and many available accessories, there is a hearing aid solution that fits your lifestyle.

Your treatment doesn’t stop with the fitting of a hearing aid. At Vista, we first work with you to choose the best hearing aid for your lifestyle. Then we work with you through multiple follow up appointments to be sure your hearing aid is performing at its best in the environments that are most important to you.

Ear wax removal

Sometimes our patients are struggling with hearing because of a buildup of ear wax (cerumen) in their ear canal. Overproduction of ear wax is actually a common problem and easily remedied. We can remove impacted ear wax and hopefully restore your hearing quickly.


Tinnitus is a buzzing or ringing in the ear that can make it extremely difficult to hear. While hearing aids may be somewhat effective, there are alternative treatments that have been more helpful to some patients. We can discuss options and provide referrals if you are suffering from this frustrating condition.

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